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feest ur eyez
Game of Thrones
Harry Potter
Richard Menard <3
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I got one of those sleeping masks you put over your eyes to keep the light out of your eyes and i was like “haha I wonder what this looks like on” so i took it to the mirror and put it on and then I realized the flaw in my plan

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Hey kids wanna buy some drugs

Welcome to Florida
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nearly every family on disney channel

  • goofy dumb parent(s)
  • naive older brother who is nice but a total idiot and is often the butt of the joke
  • sister who is the main character and thought of as the only sane member of the character and also has very good grades but may be a bit uptight
  • younger sibling who is an evil mastermind and always has some sort of scheme to profit off something
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I actually dream of a day…